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Powerful Programme Strategies

Managing a portfolio of projects simultaneously is a complex task, requiring robust management discipline and communication skills to deliver program outcomes and manage exposure to risk.  Compass’ program management solutions deliver value by defining, guiding, and maintaining program standards to execute projects on a larger scale, at a higher level, and to a wider perspective.  Our focus is to help our clients to maximise their investments and realise real benefits.

We offer PMO support, techniques, and tools, from a single person acting within program support to a large multi-disciplinary team.  As a reliable partner, our PMO Team can be setup to support a specific program or be activated as a permanent partner structure supporting multifaceted programs, seamlessly integrated within a client’s permanent project management office, or strategically nationally located.  We also help clients to develop their own capability, establishing their approach and building in-house teams.


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    Advisory Services for Strategic Outcomes & Business Alignment

    Our expertise extends beyond the ordinary, encompassing the core pillars of success: Strategic Outcomes, Business Plans, Risk & Contingency Management. We navigate the intricate landscape with precision, delving into Due Diligence, Financial Models & Transactions.  Our forward-thinking approach is fortified by thorough Feasibility Studies, Market Analysis & Benchmarking, ensuring that every venture aligns seamlessly with strategic objectives; it's about sculpting success through meticulous planning, calculated risk management, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. &nabs;

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    Organization Design, Governance & Knowledge Transfer

    Our expertise in Organization Design, Governance & Knowledge Transfer goes beyond the norm. From shaping Business Plans to defining Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), Organizational Breakdown Structures (OBS), and detailed Job Descriptions, we craft a holistic approach to project success. Our commitment is evident in the governance framework—complete with policies, procedures, processes, KPIs, and audits, ensuring compliance and continuous improvement. Training client professionals is a strategic investment, reinforced by engaging presentations. Team member selection is an art we've mastered, assembling individuals who embody our innovative spirit. We don't just design organizations; we craft success stories. &nabs;

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    Delivery Models, Commercial Procurement & Supply Chain Management

    We redefine project development dynamics in Delivery Models, Commercial Procurement & Supply Chain Management.  Handling diverse Contract Types, including PPP, Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build, and EPC, we actively engage with Special Vendors and foster robust relationships within the Supply Chain.  Our commitment to project precision is evident in meticulous management of RFQs, RFPs, Tender Bonds, and comprehensive Tender Analysis.  Vigilant Schedule & Budget Controls, encompassing CAPEX, OPEX, and detailed BOQs, underscore our dedication.  Post-tender, we excel in Contract Administration, managing Tender Award, Performance Bonds, insurances, and negotiations.  Our holistic approach extends to Supply Chain Logistics (SC&L) Management, ensuring seamless operations.  Focused on Contract Management, Administration, Claim, Delay Analysis, and streamlined Invoice Processing, we navigate project complexities with finesse.

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    Design Reviews, Design Management & Master Planning

    In the realm of project development, Compass takes the lead in Design Reviews, Design Management & Master Planning.  Our proficiency spans the spectrum, encompassing Design & Engineering Management, detailed Constructability Reviews, Value Engineering, Expert Testimony, and Techno–Commercial Input.  Engaging with Engineering, Architecture, and Urban/Site Planning Design Reviews, we leverage cutting-edge tools such as Civil 3D, BIM, Clash Detection, and expertly navigate Clash Resolution.  In the domains of Geotechnical & Environmental Engineering, we master challenges, addressing aspects like Retaining Walls, Drainage Systems, and implementing a robust Ground Improvement Program.  We view design not as a mere phase but as a strategic process where precision converges with innovation, laying the groundwork for transformative projects.

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    Execution Strategies & Road Map Delivery

    When it comes to project execution, precision and strategic planning define our approach. We specialize in crafting robust Execution Strategies, ensuring the seamless delivery of roadmaps. Our methodology encompasses the development of a comprehensive Program Execution Plan, meticulously designed Risk Management Plan, and a resilient Contingency Plan. Prioritizing the integration of Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Sustainability (QHSSES) considerations, we adeptly address challenges such as Traffic Diversion Constraints with meticulous Traffic Management plans. With a commitment to precision and adaptability, we navigate the complexities of execution, ensuring that every project follows a well-defined path to success.

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    Program Setup, Project / Delivery Management, Planning Control, Reporting & PMCM Services

    For program setup and project management excellence, we provide comprehensive Planning Control, Reporting, and Project Management Consultancy (PMCM) Services. Our approach involves establishing an Enterprise Project Management Office (EPMO), ensuring effective Governance with meticulous Policies, Procedures, Processes, and rigorous Audits. Our expertise extends to diverse projects like Mega Real Estate, Hospitality & Leisure, covering Special Amenities, Walking Trails, and Golf Courses. We specialize in managing Special Nature Projects, including Iconic Buildings, those with High Security Constraints (such as US Embassies), and complex infrastructures like Airports, Rail, and TBM projects. Demonstrating commitment to excellence, we offer Program Set Up, stringent Project Controls, Planning, and transparent Budget & Schedule Controls, facilitated by cutting-edge Dashboards for real-time insights and strategic alignment.

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    Stakeholder Management & Information Management

    Facilitating seamless project dynamics, our expertise extends to Stakeholder Management, ensuring approvals for both Design and Construction phases.  We adeptly handle Testing, Commissioning, and Defects & Liability. Post-completion, we excel in Asset Management, Facility & Operations Management (FMOM), and innovative Asset Monetization.  In IT solutions, we address engineering challenges through GIS, Schedule, Budget, and Document Controls. Transparency is prioritized with IT Solutions for Dashboards, enabling real-time comparisons of Planned Versus Actual Progress.  Additionally, we provide expert IT Security advice to safeguard project information, ensuring efficiency and success in every endeavour.

Our Expertise

Development Management

From project concept through to construction completion and project exit, our Development Management Team optimise RoI by applying a tailored systemic approach in the management of short-term or long-term development programmes and projects.


Program Management

We offer PMO support, techniques, and tools, from a single person acting within program support to a large multi-disciplinary team.  As a reliable partner, our PMO Team can be setup to support a specific program or be activated as a permanent partner structure supporting multifaceted programs, seamlessly integrated within a client’s office, or strategic location.


Project Management

We analyse and uncover exactly what our clients’ project requirements are, from small-scale through to multi-billion-dollar projects.  We map challenges and risk whilst planning a considered solution-driven route, taking the vision from inception and planning, through design, procurement, construction, and occupation (and anything else in between!); exactly as turnkey services should be.


Procurement Management

We believe that procurement management is a key component of successful project delivery.  That's why we offer an end-to-end procurement management service as a strategic partnership to our clients.  We begin with a thorough analysis of your project needs, including your budget and timeline, and work closely with you to develop a strategy that aligns with your project goals and objectives.


Commercial Services

As a RICS Regulated firm, we take pride in our tailored Cost Management services and our time-tested methods for accuracy.  We diligently keep a project to budget whilst successfully combining our clients’ needs with site conditions and project requirements.


Construction Management

With our streamlined, end-to-end delivery process, you won't have to worry about coordinating with multiple contractors or suppliers.  We handle all aspects of the project on your behalf.  From the initial consultation to the completion of your project, we are with you every step of the way.



Project Management

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